Changing the course of osteoarthritis (OA) treatment…

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NEW Synovetin OA breaks the cycle of inflammation and pain, clinically improving mobility and providing long-lasting relief.

Synovetin OA™ is a novel conversion electron therapeutic device that targets the source of inflammation and pain—macrophages and synoviocytes in the affected joint.1,2

Provides long-lasting pain and inflammation relief

Restores the active lives of dogs with their families

Alters the treatment of chronic OA

Find out how Synovetin OA™ treats the debilitating pain of OA and helps restore your patients’ ability to be playful, happy, life-loving pets.1,2

NEW Synovetin OA is from Exubrion Therapeutics

At Exubrion Therapeutics, we are harnessing the power of conversion electron therapy from Tin-117m in a colloid suspension. We’re making a quantum leap forward in pain management thanks to a team of experts with decades of experience in animal health and nuclear medicine and a shared vision to forever improve the compassionate care of companion animals.


1) Fox SM, Donecker JM. Synovitis. Technical Bulletin. Convetra, Inc. July 2016.

2) Data on File, Exubrion Therapeutics.

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Receive our FREE Clinical Trial Technical Bulletin when you sign up for updates.

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