Our goal is to develop products for veterinary use that are focused on large unmet areas of need, and that are based on data-driven evaluation and rigorous clinical trials. Exubrion utilizes the power of a radiotherapeutic isotope, tin-117m, as a platform technology using different formulations for various indications in a number of animal species. Exubrion began as a subsidiary of Serene, LLC and was spun-off in April 2019 as an independent, stand-alone company.

Synovetin OATM, our initial product, has completed a multicenter pivotal clinical trial in client owned dogs with elbow osteoarthritis at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, and Gulf Coast Veterinary Services in Houston, Texas. There are greater than 80 million dogs in the United States, and fourteen million of these have some degree of activity limiting osteoarthritis in at least one joint. The most common medical treatment for this condition is systemic oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications which may not adequately ameliorate the pain and inflammation in specific joints of active dogs, and which may also result in unwanted side effects. In our clinical trials Synovetin OATM is administered by veterinarians as a single intra-articular injection into the elbow of dogs with naturally occurring elbow osteoarthritis, and these patients are tracked and monitored throughout the following 12 months. We anticipate introducing Synovetin OATM in 2019 to treat canine osteoarthritis.

dog-running7Synovetin OATM is ordered by prescribing veterinarians as needed and is supplied in a single use vial with the specific dose required for the size of the dog and joints being treated. The product is designed as a single intra-articular injection intended to reduce pain and inflammation (synovitis) of joints afflicted with osteoarthritis. The therapeutic effect has been shown to last for many months to over a year in properly selected dogs. There have been no adverse effects noted in subjects that have been properly injected, or any unforeseen safety issues identified for the owners or medical personnel.

Owners and health care providers’ exposure is within national guidelines, and can be easily managed. Radioactive material licenses for receipt and use of the product are required, and easy-to-use training modules will be made available before the date of commercialization.


Companion Animals


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